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Office Administrative Staff - Carlie MacWillie


Carlie was born in Orange County, California as the fourth daughter of FCA Western Region VP, Mark Boyer. Carlie started to become involved with FCA in middle school when she attended a huddle at her local junior high. She went on to attend Edison High School where she played Varsity Tennis all four years. She also helped run the FCA huddle at Edison High School and became the Vice President of FCA her junior year and eventually the President her senior year.

During High School, Carlie attended FCA camp during the summer as a tennis camper. When she graduated high school she still attended FCA camp but as a huddle leader instead. She says that FCA camp has had a huge impact on her life and her faith.  

After graduating from High School, Carlie went on to work towards her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Vanguard University of Southern California. She graduated from Vanguard University in the Spring of 2015 and came on staff with FCA soon after as the administrative assistant to Mark Boyer and HR person for the Western Region.

Carlie recently got married to her husband, JD, and they both live in Tustin, CA near both of their families.